Pirate Captain "Vicens Fayos" for looting and plundering on the high seas.

Software Enginner

Also known as:

  • Technical Producer / Project Manager
  • Head Of Engineering & CTO
  • For Consultancy services please refer to vicensfayos.consulting

Last seen working remotely

Extensive Crimes To Include:

- Technical Leadership (20+ years' experience) with extensive project Management experience in agency, startup, e-commerce and mid-caps.

- Is acused of:

  • Shipping product
  • Build incredible teams
  • Understand and go beyond expectations with business

- Prefered Modus Operandi:

Cross Functional Backend Expertise J2EE · NodeJS and Python ecosystems · Cloud (GC / AWS) · Containers (Docker/kubernetes/Terraform) · Serverless · Microservices · CI / CD · DBRMSs · Web Front End Architectures / CSS 3 Patterns & SPA MPA FW · JamStack · APIs (graphQL · REST · Others)

Has Been Witnessed Of:

- Leading client portals executions for first European car manufacturer

- Winning 37 prizes in media advertising campaigns. (New York Echo, Cannes, Sol among others)

- Managed the sending of 8 million emails per day on average for a leading e-commerce company

- Boost revenue for free-to-play gaming platforms by developing a platform for selling items based on user behavior

- Joined accelerator program and participated in TedxFrankfurt talk as co-founder of a Big Data startup

- Initiated a company specializing in marketing and advertising technology

Known to be armed with:

- Grade in Project Management and Agile methodologies

- (DipHE) Computer Science

- Business Degree

- Able to conduct business in Spanish, English and German

Recently Associated with:

Xing, Mediamarkt, Raisin DS, BBDO, Big Point, Let's Bonus / Living Social

Extremely Dangerous!

For information that may lead to apprehension of this individual go here (linkedin)

if seen, contact: pirate @ vicensfayos.com